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Patrick Cumiskey Brought Krav Maga to Ireland in 2001 with the purpose of teaching everyday normal people how to Protect themselves from Violent assault. He sees self defence as a core life skill.

He has trained over 80,000 people and 25+ Military Units

He is a qualified Psychotherapist and holds an MBA from the University of Wales

Patrick has been featured on almost every TV channel and newspaper in Ireland.

Some of What You Wil Learn


The truth about real violence

Assault is always a Surprise.. for the victim but not the predator

Predicates to Violence

Why The fight is over before you get into it

Personal Space abuse


Escaping Headlocks

Escape from Grab - Arms Pinned

Integration Drills

Becoming the Attacker

Attacking at different Levels


Escaping from a Grab Behind with your arms Free

Escaping from an Arm Drag

Teaching Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene

Why You Can't Wait for Final Proof of Assault!

Jason Bourne Movie Launch