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Most Business Owners Don't Get the Results they Deserve...Let's Change That

From Waffle and False Promises

Business owners are missing out on cash-flow and revenue because they haven't got the time or know-how to make the changes they need ...

...... others lose out because of poor advice from so-called 'experts' who have never run a business, but charge upfront fees and are nowhere to be found when the results fail to materialise

......To .....Results within 1 Day

Get access to 7 High Impact Strategies that can be start making a difference within 1 day..

No BS, false promises or upfront fees ....just proven concepts that make a difference to your bottom line starting in just one day.

But them all together and you have a 7 Day Business Reboot Plan

Get Free Access to 7 fast growth techniques that can be put in place in 1 day or less.


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You will Get Access to a Downloadable Checklist plus a Short "How to" Video for each 1-day strategy.

Why am I giving this away for Free?

... It's Very Simple, the Proof is in the pudding ...I am happy to show you I can help..It costs me nothing and if you want to go further we can talk..simply click below

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Advice and Strategies from Real World Experience


Be careful who you listen to ....

Patrick Cumiskey

With over 25 years of experience in business growth, customer acquisition and revenue maximisation,  Patrick has helped large corporations, government bodies and small business owners meet critical challenges and grow their revenue,

From 'talking" his way into a startup technology company as a school leaver with no qualifications other than coding on a ZX81 to leading the technology project to Bring Banking 365 to the market, he has extensive real-world experience in what it takes to survive and grow.

After a career in one of the Irelands leading consulting firms, he co-founded Pinnacle Project Partners a boutique consulting company where he developed a unique results-focused consulting approach which attracted top tier clients building the business to a 7 figure profit within 3 years.

On achieving this milestone he sold his shareholding to his co-founders and left the world of strategy consulting to create Ireland's largest and most impactful Self Defence training business, through this business he has trained over 100,000 people how to stay safe and protect themselves as well as training and advising units of the Irish Defence forces and other high-risk organisations.

He holds an MBA from the University of Wales. is one of the few certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainers in the world and is also a qualified psychotherapist.

His main focus now is to help ambitious business leaders develop and implement game-changing strategies for business and revenue growth.

Her works with a wide variety of business including professional services firms, restaurants, gyms and many more.


When you work with Patrick you get immediate access to proven strategies to used to bring in over 100,000 customers for his own business as well as those he has developed for a wide range of business, including restaurants, gyms and professional services practices.

The 7 Day Reboot Guide is Where he starts  a Client so you can start for free and get Results starting today

3 Ways to Grow a Business

At the heart of our Framework is a Simple Idea. There are just 3 Ways to Grow a Business..Get More Customer, Drive more repeat business and Increase the Average Transaction Value.

For each of these growth avenues, we have identified the top-performing tactics and for each tactic, a 1 Day plan to put it in action.


Get More Customers

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Drive More Repeat Business


Maximise Transaction Revenue